What Types of Roof Damage Are Covered Under Home Insurance Policies?

If you have a home insurance policy, damage to your roof may or may not be covered under the policy. At General Insurance Agency, we are often asked what type of roof damage is covered and what type of roof damage is not covered. Very generally speaking, if your roof needs repairs due to routine wear and tear or age, the repair and damage are not covered. If your roof was in otherwise great condition and a weather element damaged it, the roof damage may be covered. Here are a few instances when roof damage is covered by your home insurance policy. 

Wind Damage

If the winds are extremely strong, the gusts may blow shingles, tiles and other roofing materials right off your roof. If this happens, your roof repair will likely be covered by insurance. 

Hail Damage

Hail damage is the number one reason why homeowners insurance claims are made for roof damage. Hail can severely damage your roofing. If your roofing was in otherwise good shape, hail damage will be covered. 

Damage From Snow Storms

If you get a large amount of snow in a short amount of time, your roof can actually sustain damage or even cave in. When this occurs, home insurance will often pay. 


The last common reason why roof damage would be covered by a home insurance policy is because the roof was damaged by a fire. If a fire breaks out on the roof or under the roof, your home insurance company will likely pay for the repairs. 

If you have questions about your roof damage and homeowners insurance, General Insurance Agency would be happy to help you. We can help you determine what is covered and what is not covered based on the language in your policy.