What is the Difference Between Full Coverage and Liability Auto Insurance?

There are two types of auto insurance. You should know the difference as a consumer and you should understand why it is important to have auto insurance. Auto insurance can protect you or your property, namely your vehicle, and help pay for hospital bills and other liabilities due to driving. Coverage depends on your policy, but an agent can help you to determine the best policy to go with. You can contact an agent at General Insurance Agency in Clovis, NM to secure either liability or full coverage automobile insurance. 

What is Liability Insurance?

Liability auto insurance is the basic minimum type of auto insurance that you can get. It will cover medical and property damages from a car accident in which you are at fault. You are responsible to pay for any damages that your liability auto insurance coverage does not cover. Liability coverage is usually required to have by law. Your own vehicle is not covered by your liability policy. It only covers the damage to others. That is why it is called liability: because it only covers your liability to others. There are different levels of coverage. Talk with a Clovis, NM agent at General Insurance Agency to learn more. 

What is Full Coverage Insurance?
Full coverage auto insurance is coverage that provides both liability coverage as well as other coverage for your own vehicle. That includes collision and comprehensive coverage. The insurance costs more but it will cover the damage to your own vehicle as long as the deductible is paid. Comprehensive coverage means that other damages like those due to weather, vandalism or grand theft auto. Towing fees, car rental fees, and higher medical coverage can also be selected with a full coverage policy.