Update Your Home Inventory Including Your New Holiday Gifts

Was this the year where you gave your wife a new diamond necklace? Or perhaps she placed a beautiful antique humidor under the tree for you. Wonderful! You and your family are enjoying the fruits of your success. However, there’s one more thing you need to do. Check your St Clovis, NM home insurance from General Insurance Agency and update your inventory.

Ensure Prized Possessions are Properly Valued

An itemized inventory included with your home insurance policy ensures that if you suffer a catastrophic loss due to fire or theft, your family won’t give up some of the luxuries you worked hard to provide for them. Jewelry, rare collectibles and even high-end electronics and computers may require more detail in order to ensure they are properly valued at the time of loss.

Do You Need Full Replacement Cost?

Check with your agent for details. Many standard home insurance policies will only cover your items for their value at the time of loss. However, rare and valuable items will not lose value over time, but may increase. Full replacement on these items would be needed in order to properly replace them.

Protect Your Family’s Lifestyle

Without a proper inventory and full replacement, if your family lost your home and possessions in a devastating fire you may not be able to enjoy the same lifestyle without costing even more money in the end.  There’s no need to sacrifice all the things that made your home comfortable and enjoyable when you ensure you have the right home insurance policy in place.

Put the final bow on your holiday gifts this year and make an appointment with the agents over at General Insurance Agency in the St Clovis, NM area to protect your home and family.