Tips to Prepare Your Motorcycle for Winter Storage

Your motorcycle is probably your main source of transportation during the spring and summer, but when it starts to cool down, you’ll be riding less, which means it’s time to store the bike until next season. Before storing your bike in Clovis, NM, it’s important to take the time to properly prepare it for storage. General Insurance Agency has prepared a few tips to ensure your motorcycle is ready for storage.

Fill the Fluids

The first and most important thing to do before putting your motorcycle in storage is to fill all the fluids, including coolant, brake, and clutch. Be sure to check the fluids before filling to ensure the remaining fluid is clean and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the proper type and amount of fluid. During this time be sure to change the oil and the oil filter as well.

Wash and Wax

It’s important to thoroughly wash and wax your motorcycle before putting it in storage. Leaving dirt, oil, and grime on the frame and chassis may lead to corrosion, so be sure to give the entire bike a thorough washing. Once the bike is clean, use a soft cloth to dry it and then apply a quality wax to the entire exterior, using a wax that is designed for use on motorcycles.

Now that you’ve got the bike clean and the fluids full, it’s time to park the bike until next season. When storing your motorcycle, it’s important to choose a safe location, which is typically in the garage. Be sure to avoid parking it near any windows, because the sunlight and UV rays can damage the paint and leather. Also, avoid parking the bike where it may get accidentally bumped by a car or other equipment such as a snowblower or lawn tools. Cover the bike with a protective cover designed for motorcycles to protect it from scratches and dust.

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