The Benefits of Boat Insurance

If you own a boat in Clovis, NM, it’s important to note the benefits of having boat insurance, even if you aren’t required to have it. Different policies can cover different aspects of boating so work with an agent at General Insurance Agency to create the right policy for you.

Homeowners Insurance Won’t Have Coverage: Many boat owners in Clovis, NM think that their homeowner’s coverage extends to the boat. There is some truth in it but there is not a lot of coverage so you could lose money if you rely on it.

Investment Protection: Without insurance, you could lose your investment. Just a single storm can sink a boat or a fire near your boat can burn it completely.

Covers Extensive Property Damage: The average property damage for a boat can be over $10,000 and since it’s just the average, your repairs could be much higher. The dollars can really add up when you consider also needing to tow the boat to the repair facility. A boat insurance policy can put your mind at ease and help you focus on having fun on the water.

Cover for Injuries: Boats can cause extensive injuries thanks to large objects colliding at great speed. A good policy can turn a catastrophic loss into a more manageable inconvenience.

Liability Coverage: Without liability coverage, you will be on the hook for the full amount of any damage or injuries you cause. Don’t let an accident ruin your time on the water.

Environmental Protection: If your boat leaks fuel into the water then you are responsible for cleanup and removal. If you have coverage that includes this then you won’t have to pay a fortune out of your own pocket.

Total Loss Replacement: If your boat sinks then it will be a huge monetary hit to replace it. Policies can include total loss replacement, which enables you to return to the water quickly.

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