Protecting Yourself Against Motorcycle Theft

Motorcycle theft occurs more often than you might think. Stolen motorcycles are extremely hard to trace, primarily because they can be sold for parts, and if you’ve equipped your bike with after-market parts, you’re increasing your chances of burglary. Filing a theft claim can increase your motorcycle insurance rates and cost you a lot of money, so it’s good to take preventive measures to keep your bike from being stolen.

The most basic steps to prevent theft including keeping your ignition locked and by removing the key. At home, keep your bike stored out of sight in your garage or a designated storage area, and be sure to lock the forks. If your bike is not out in the open, it’s much less likely to become a target.

If you must park your bike in a public area or on the street, lock the bike to a stationary object and block it with a larger vehicle if possible. When traveling with a group of cyclists, lock your bikes together, and look for security cameras. Park your bike within view and in a well-lit area.

Another security option is to equip your bike with an audible alarm. Choose an alarm that notifies you via an app on your cell phone that your bike is being tampered with. This gives you time to get to your motorcycle and contact law enforcement. Install an automatic kill switch in a hidden location. This type of switch cuts off the flow of electricity at the battery or ignition, which renders your bike unrideable.

With motorcycle theft a prevalent issue in St Clovis, NM, it’s a good idea to make sure you are covered. Every state is different, so contact the agents at General Insurance Agency to discuss your options concerning your motorcycle insurance coverage.