Is Your Insurance Company Responsible If You Don’t Respond to Your Auto Recall Notice?

Ultimately you are responsible for your vehicle. Your car insurance is there as an extension and answer to your financial responsibility.

Don’t Tuck That Recall Notice In the Junk Pile

Whether your car insurance rates are affected by the introduction of an auto recall notice depends on a lot of factors. In general, your insurance is not adversely affected if you get the notice and you address the concern expeditiously.

If you ignore the notice and you get into an accident which involves the recalled item, your car’s safety rating just took a plummet, and it is a good chance your insurance rates will go up.

If you get into an accident before the recall, but the accident is due to a manufacturer defect that was on the brink of recall, your insurance company will work with the manufacturer to resolve the liability. Your car’s manufacturer is at fault when there is a recall issue. It is not the fault of your insurance company or you for that matter.

Recalls may affect the value of your car and the viability of recall. Inform your insurer of your adherence to recall notices.   

The manufacturer is responsible for producing a quality vehicle without defect. As a driver your sole responsibility is to respond to the notice and do your best to ensure your safety, the safety of your passengers and the safety of other drivers on the road.    

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