Getting Ready For Your Big Move

After months of negotiating and finalizing the paperwork, you have finally gotten the okay to move into your new home. There is only one problem: you still have to pack up your old home. 

Packing an entire house can be an incredible chore, but it doesn’t have to be. A little preparation and planning can make a move go a lot smoother.

Label Everything

When you get all of your possessions over to the new house, imagine if everything you owned was in random boxes all over the house. Kitchen appliances in the bedroom, books and magazines in the kitchen. This would be a nightmare scenario. So when you are packing up your stuff, put everything that would go in a room together and label them. Where they are in your current house might not be where they will go in your new home, so make sure you label them for where you want them in the new house.

Moving Companies

When you go to hire that moving company, make sure you research them. Check out reviews of the service on the internet, and if possible, get personal testimonials from people you know. Not every moving company is created equal. Make sure you find a company that can handle the size of your house. And if you have specialty items, like pianos, make sure you find someone who specializes in that, because general movers might not be able to handle it. And finally, let the movers do the work. You packed it up, labeled it and got it ready to go, now let the people you paid your hard earned money do the rest.

One other thing you can do is think about your home insurance policy. A new home means new coverage. Call up the agents at General Insurance Agency and let them get you the right policies for your new home.