Let the Good Times Roll: Insuring Your Recreational Vehicle

Take Good Care of Harry!

Summer seems to slip by so quickly. Relax, and don’t worry we still have almost two months left.  It is the perfect time to get on the open road and enjoy!  So whether you affectionately refer to your recreational vehicle as "Harry", "The Nomad" or "Chuckie Tee", we at General Insurance Agency have you and your RV covered.

Contrary to popular belief, RV’s may not be covered by either your existing home or auto insurance policies. Furthermore beneath the umbrella of RV insurance, there exists many sub-types of insurance. Under the Towable category there is Fifth-Wheel, Travel Trailer, Truck-Camper, Pop-Up Trailer insurances. In the Motorized category you can purchase insurance for your Class A, Class B, Class C recreational vehicle or your Medium Duty Truck.  Generally speaking in New Mexico towable recreational vehicles are called recreational travel trailers and/or pole trailers while motorized vehicles are defined as recreational vehicles.  

The professional and courteous staff at General Insurance Agency will let you know exactly what the insurance requirements are in your county for your recreational vehicle. In addition to knowing the exact specifications of your vehicle, it is a good idea to have a working plan of how you would like to enjoy your vehicle. Whether you plan to roam locally,  nationally, or internationally (some American travelers endeavor to drive their recreational vehicles to Canada or Mexico) we can help you have a journey that is free from the stress of wondering if you are protected by an adequate amount of insurance. Troubleshooting with an agent at General Insurance Agency will also clear up any questions you may have about what is or isn’t covered on the road or while your recreational vehicle is parked.