Don’t forget your insurance when getting ready for summer boating

If you’re about to head out to do some boating around Clovis, NM, don’t forget the insurance. While New Mexico doesn’t have mandatory requirements for watercraft insurance, you could be at serious financial risk if you don’t insure your boat. It’s not only the damage to the boat you would need to be concerned about, but the harm that could be done to other people and their property if you collide with another boater. Additionally, if your passengers have been drinking and any of them fall out of the boat and get hurt, you could be liable for that, as well.

Since all of those things can come with serious monetary consequences, you want to make sure you are financially protected. The best way to do that is through insurance, and there are several options for a policy that will work for your budget and lifestyle. Whether you live right in Clovis, NM or in the surrounding area, taking good care of your boat and being a responsible boat owner are both very important. When you choose the right insurance for your needs you help keep other people safe while still protecting your own property, too.

By getting a policy through General Insurance Agency, you can make sure you aren’t paying too much or getting a policy that’s more than you need, but you will still be properly covered so you can have peace of mind. You never want to get into an accident or have a problem with your boat, but with good insurance from a trusted agent you’ll have less to worry about in the event of an issue arising. Just knowing you’re covered and have someone to work with if you have questions or want to make changes can go a very long way toward enjoying your boat over the summer.