Do You Need Boat Insurance For Non-motor Powered Boats?

Are you considering buying a boat without a motor, but want to find out if you need to invest in insurance? Even if you already have a boat, having coverage in place can mean peace of mind. Even small boats without a motor can be an investment worth protecting. So, does traditional boat insurance cover these items?

Boat Insurance Coverage

Boat insurance is designed to cover boats that are motorized in most cases. If you have a paddleboat, canoe, kayak or other similar watercraft, you can opt for non-motorized boat insurance. Before you begin shopping, find out which insurance agencies or providers offer this specialized type of insurance. If you have a regular motorized boat, you can find insurance coverage at many of the top insurance agencies in your area.

Quality Boat Insurance Coverage

If you want to get quality insurance coverage that protects during covered events, you should carefully select the insurance agency you work with. Make sure they have a solid reputation in the community and work with providers who are known for excellent policies that protect the client. A great place to find top insurance products is General Insurance Agency, serving Clovis, NM. Their agents are committed to providing expert services with friendly agents who work closely with individuals to tailor their insurance needs. Additionally, they can even assist with future claims. 

Get the boat insurance coverage you need to help get peace of mind and protect your investment. Call or stop by General Insurance Agency to speak with an insurance professional who can answers questions and present top insurance policy options to fit your needs. They proudly serve the residents in and around the Clovis, NM area and look forward to working with you to get quality coverage.