Update Your Home Inventory Including Your New Holiday Gifts

Was this the year where you gave your wife a new diamond necklace? Or perhaps she placed a beautiful antique humidor under the tree for you. Wonderful! You and your family are enjoying the fruits of your success. However, there’s one more thing you need to do. Check your St Clovis, NM home insurance from General Insurance Agency and update your inventory.

Ensure Prized Possessions are Properly Valued

An itemized inventory included with your home insurance policy ensures that if you suffer a catastrophic loss due to fire or theft, your family won’t give up some of the luxuries you worked hard to provide for them. Jewelry, rare collectibles and even high-end electronics and computers may require more detail in order to ensure they are properly valued at the time of loss.

Do You Need Full Replacement Cost?

Check with your agent for details. Many standard home insurance policies will only cover your items for their value at the time of loss. However, rare and valuable items will not lose value over time, but may increase. Full replacement on these items would be needed in order to properly replace them.

Protect Your Family’s Lifestyle

Without a proper inventory and full replacement, if your family lost your home and possessions in a devastating fire you may not be able to enjoy the same lifestyle without costing even more money in the end.  There’s no need to sacrifice all the things that made your home comfortable and enjoyable when you ensure you have the right home insurance policy in place.

Put the final bow on your holiday gifts this year and make an appointment with the agents over at General Insurance Agency in the St Clovis, NM area to protect your home and family.

How Home Insurance Treats Vandalism and Theft in Clovis

Of course the first thing a new homeowner wants to do is set up their TV and coffee maker and starting to get to know all the little quirks about their new surroundings. Thinking about theft is not one of those fun activities that come with buying a piece of property, but that doesn’t make it any less important. Here’s what to consider before you even dial the first few numbers if you live in St Clovis, NM. 

Theft May Not Be Covered

Many people think that theft and vandalism is covered under their homeowner policy, but it depends. You need to be prepared should you choose a cheaper policy that may only cover major natural disasters. You’ve likely amassed more value you think in your home, so it deserves some thought. Choosing a company with staff that has been trained in just about every possible event that can occur is pivotal to being able to keep your cool during terrible situations. Frustration, shock and sadness are just a few feelings you’ll feel after a criminal targets your property, and you don’t need any other misfortunes clouding your judgment after that. 

Choosing the Right Company

General Insurance Agency can help you figure out where the true value is in your home insurance. This is about keeping the things that you’ve worked so hard for safe, and our agency never loses sight of that fact. Before you solely consider price of the policy, consider the costs of out-of-pocket expenses when your computer or television is stolen, or your windows or broken. For the many terrible events that have the possibility of happening in St Clovis, NM, you need someone who can actually take action in time-sensitive situations. No matter how safe you feel, you don’t want to be caught in a situation you can’t afford. For more information or to talk to one of our friendly staff members, give General Insurance Agency a call today.


Getting Ready For Your Big Move

After months of negotiating and finalizing the paperwork, you have finally gotten the okay to move into your new home. There is only one problem: you still have to pack up your old home. 

Packing an entire house can be an incredible chore, but it doesn’t have to be. A little preparation and planning can make a move go a lot smoother.

Label Everything

When you get all of your possessions over to the new house, imagine if everything you owned was in random boxes all over the house. Kitchen appliances in the bedroom, books and magazines in the kitchen. This would be a nightmare scenario. So when you are packing up your stuff, put everything that would go in a room together and label them. Where they are in your current house might not be where they will go in your new home, so make sure you label them for where you want them in the new house.

Moving Companies

When you go to hire that moving company, make sure you research them. Check out reviews of the service on the internet, and if possible, get personal testimonials from people you know. Not every moving company is created equal. Make sure you find a company that can handle the size of your house. And if you have specialty items, like pianos, make sure you find someone who specializes in that, because general movers might not be able to handle it. And finally, let the movers do the work. You packed it up, labeled it and got it ready to go, now let the people you paid your hard earned money do the rest.

One other thing you can do is think about your home insurance policy. A new home means new coverage. Call up the agents at General Insurance Agency and let them get you the right policies for your new home.