Are Home Insurance Policies Changing To Accommodate The Tiny House Boom?

General Insurance Agency – Nothing Tiny About It

Tiny houses are all the rage nowadays.  A review of the home improvement channels will illustrate that for you. While millions of people are looking for more space and tapping into the American dream of a beautiful spacious home replete with the white picket fence, 21/2 baths and four bedrooms, there are a growing number of people who are looking to “go tiny”.

Serving Clovis, NM and its surrounding areas, General Insurance Agency are expanding its terrain to accommodate all of your insurance needs. When it comes to tiny houses it is owners choice in how to insure. Many home insurance policies include the term “foundation” in the underwriting. Tiny houses are generally constructed on wheels not concrete.

What are the differences between how a recreational vehicle and a tiny house are insured? How you want to insure is paramount. Speaking directly with the staffers at General Insurance Agency is the best idea. There are a lot of factors to consider. Just a few of the things you should consider include:

  • Will you be taking the vehicle across state lines often?
  • Will you be renting land or lot space when you park your tiny house?
  • Will most of your valuable items be in your tiny house or stored elsewhere?

Insurance is for your peace of mind. What is going to make you feel the most comfortable as you lay your head down to sleep in Clovis, NM or wherever you take your tiny home. One example of a major difference between tiny house and traditional house is that the fire safety codes must be changed to reflect where the tiny house is.

If a comprehensive policy is what you are looking for then we have your number.