Is it time to expand your New Mexico business?

So you’re thinking of contacting General Insurance Agency and seeing if they can connect your St Clovis, NM business with a commercial insurance policy as you expand.

But… are you sure the time is right?

The tricky thing about expanding your business is you do have to strike while the iron is hot, but if you jump the gun and try to grow too early, you may wind up overextending yourself and spending a bunch of money for nothing. Here are a few questions to consider before you branch out:

  • Can you afford a failure? You don’t want to bet it all on black. If you’re thinking of buying up a second location for your restaurant or moving your home-office software development firm into a building to house some new employees, you have to make sure that it’s not only in the budget, but that you can eat the costs if it turns out to be a wasted effort.
  • Does the market need you to be bigger than you are? If your product or service is a niche market, then there might be nothing to gained by branching out except for a few more bills to pay each month.
  • Have you mastered delineation? The great thing about a small business is you can run it solo. Once you start expanding, you’re going to be hiring middle-management people, so you need to make sure you know how to delineate tasks among them.

If you feel the time is right, then it may well be. The commercial policy General Insurance Agency connects you with will be one of the more affordable new costs as you expand, just cover your bases before you decide it’s time for your St Clovis, NM business to grow.

Is Your Insurance Company Responsible If You Don’t Respond to Your Auto Recall Notice?

Ultimately you are responsible for your vehicle. Your car insurance is there as an extension and answer to your financial responsibility.

Don’t Tuck That Recall Notice In the Junk Pile

Whether your car insurance rates are affected by the introduction of an auto recall notice depends on a lot of factors. In general, your insurance is not adversely affected if you get the notice and you address the concern expeditiously.

If you ignore the notice and you get into an accident which involves the recalled item, your car’s safety rating just took a plummet, and it is a good chance your insurance rates will go up.

If you get into an accident before the recall, but the accident is due to a manufacturer defect that was on the brink of recall, your insurance company will work with the manufacturer to resolve the liability. Your car’s manufacturer is at fault when there is a recall issue. It is not the fault of your insurance company or you for that matter.

Recalls may affect the value of your car and the viability of recall. Inform your insurer of your adherence to recall notices.   

The manufacturer is responsible for producing a quality vehicle without defect. As a driver your sole responsibility is to respond to the notice and do your best to ensure your safety, the safety of your passengers and the safety of other drivers on the road.    

Call General Insurance Agency today at 575-763-8816 to learn more about your responsibility as a driver and how to best protect your liability. Serving the St Clovis, NM area and the surrounding areas, we can respond diligently to your insurance needs and render an appropriate and comprehensive auto insurance product. 

Why fireplace safety is important

There is nothing like a roaring fireplace to set a romantic mood, especially during the winter months, with all of the other lights turned down low. A fireplace can also be the center of a family gathering because you can roast hot dogs and other dishes when the fire is low but the embers are still hot.

But, you should observe a few rules to operate your fireplace safely.

  • Make sure that your chimney is cleared of tree branches and bird nests and that the brick and mortar are intact.
  • Make sure that the chimney is checked and cleaned periodically.
  • Clean out the ashes from previous fires before starting a new one.
  • Use well-aged, dry wood, which produces less soot and smoke and burns more evenly.
  • Make sure that the flue or damper is open before lighting the fire; otherwise, you will fill your house with smoke.  Along those lines keep a nearby window cracked.
  • Make certain the grate is up when the fire has started. That way embers won’t fall out to set fire to your living room.
  • Be sure that flammable furniture and other items are set well away from the fireplace.
  • Make sure that the fire is completely out before leaving the room for any extended length of time, such as going to bed or leaving the house.
  • Have both a carbon monoxide detector and a smoke detector installed nearby.
  • Have a fire extinguisher within easy reach.
  • Make sure that your children are well versed in fire safety, and make sure that fireplace tools such as pokers are out of small hands. Do not leave small children alone in a room with a burning fire.

For more information on home safety and insurance contact General Insurance Agency serving Clovis, NM

Are Home Insurance Policies Changing To Accommodate The Tiny House Boom?

General Insurance Agency – Nothing Tiny About It

Tiny houses are all the rage nowadays.  A review of the home improvement channels will illustrate that for you. While millions of people are looking for more space and tapping into the American dream of a beautiful spacious home replete with the white picket fence, 21/2 baths and four bedrooms, there are a growing number of people who are looking to “go tiny”.

Serving Clovis, NM and its surrounding areas, General Insurance Agency are expanding its terrain to accommodate all of your insurance needs. When it comes to tiny houses it is owners choice in how to insure. Many home insurance policies include the term “foundation” in the underwriting. Tiny houses are generally constructed on wheels not concrete.

What are the differences between how a recreational vehicle and a tiny house are insured? How you want to insure is paramount. Speaking directly with the staffers at General Insurance Agency is the best idea. There are a lot of factors to consider. Just a few of the things you should consider include:

  • Will you be taking the vehicle across state lines often?
  • Will you be renting land or lot space when you park your tiny house?
  • Will most of your valuable items be in your tiny house or stored elsewhere?

Insurance is for your peace of mind. What is going to make you feel the most comfortable as you lay your head down to sleep in Clovis, NM or wherever you take your tiny home. One example of a major difference between tiny house and traditional house is that the fire safety codes must be changed to reflect where the tiny house is.

If a comprehensive policy is what you are looking for then we have your number.

How Does the Type of Car Affect Insurance Premiums

The car insurance that you have on your vehicle is both a necessity and a legal requirement that many people must carry. As such, your policy should be tailored to your specific car and your specific insurance needs. If you are living in the Clovis, NM area, the General Insurance Agency can help you create a custom policy that is going to work for your needs.

The type of car that you own and are insuring makes a huge difference in the overall price and amount of coverage that you need. One great example are older cars, these older cars, while they are not worth as much, they have fewer safety features making it necessary to take out more insurance on them.

Likewise, newer cars that are worth more might cost less to cover than you would think because of the safety features that have been added by manufacturers to help keep driver and occupants safe. You should always talk with your agent or with your insurance agency about any specifics of your vehicle that might change the coverage that you need to be both safe and legal.

Cars that are new and that have loans out on them are going to cost more to insure than a car that has been paid off. Also, those cars that are a specialty, expensive, or exotic brand cars are also going to need more insurance than other cars. Generally, your agent will work with you to determine the specifics of your car to find out just how much coverage you need so that you can be sure you are safe each and every time you set out to go to work or just take a drive.

If you are living in or around the Clovis, NM area, the agents with General Insurance Agency can help you find the perfect policy.

How Is My Homeowners Insurance Affected If I Rent Out My House?

If you have purchased a home to rent out, or decided to rent out a home you can’t sell, you may be wondering whether your regular homeowners insurance will be affected by allowing other people to live in your home. The length of time your home will be rented affects the type of policy you need. Here is some information you will want to know if you are in this situation.

Temporary Rental

If you are renting your home out for only a temporary amount of time, and this is not something you plan on doing again in the near future, your homeowner’s insurance policy may not be affected. However, you will want to contact your insurer just to be positive. They may require you to sign an endorsement stating who will be living there, how long they will be there and the circumstances surrounding the temporary rental.

Short Term or Vacation Rental

If you plan on renting your home out as a short term or vacation rental, your home is no longer deemed to be a home, but rather a business. As such, a homeowners insurance policy will not help you. You will need to obtain a business policy. There are various types of policies, including hotel, bed and breakfast and vacation rental policies.

Long Term Rental

If you are looking to rent your home out as a long term rental, typically six months or longer, you will need to obtain a landlord or rental dwelling policy. These policies may be add-on policies to your homeowner’s policy or may be sold separately, depending on the insurance company.

If you are looking to rent your home in the greater Clovis, NM area out contact General Insurance Agency. We can help you with all of your insurance needs, including rental and home insurance policies. Contact us today for a free quote.

Not Having Home Insurance Could Leave Clovis NM Residents Hurting

Home insurance is not something that a homeowner should take lightly. It does not matter if said homeowner is a spring chicken just moving out of their parent’s home in Clovis, NM, or they are someone who has owned a home in the area for most of their life. If you do not have proper and adequate home insurance from insurance companies such as General Insurance Agency, you are going to find yourself hurting when something happens to or at your home. It may not happen today, and it may not happen tomorrow – but odds are, something will happen, and you will not be financially prepared to deal with it.

Let’s say that you go out on vacation, leaving your home more or less unattended in the mean time. You are not gone for very long – let’s say only about five days away from home – and when you come home, you find that your peace of mind had been disrupted when a home invader busted in, made a mess of your house, and stole many valuables (ranging from the expensive to the irreplaceable).  You may argue “well, I can just use a home security system to keep them at bay,” and yeah, you are right, that would help. But what if you get a tornado? What security system will keep that wind funnel away from your home? There is too much chance involved in disregarding home insurance coverage.

Americans right now have more than enough financial worries on their shoulders – don’t let a lack of home insurance be one of them. Before it’s too late, Clovis, NM residents should contact General Insurance Agency online. In a matter of minutes, we can work with you and get you the insurance plan that suits your needs.

Understanding Home Insurance in Clovis

People may go their whole life without ever using their insurance, and if they do, it’s only about select events. As a result, it means that people are only so sure of how insurance will work if and when something goes wrong. This type of confusion lands too many people in hot water, and as a homeowner, you really can’t afford to be in that situation. McCormick Insurance Inc. wants you to understand more about it all if you live in St Clovis, NM. 

Rethinking the Problem

Home insurance isn’t just another bill you have to pay every month, but rather what can mean the difference between living in your home and having to rely on friends and family for their goodwill. While you may have resources available to you, the vast majority of people can’t afford the contractor and replacement fees should they need to pay for everything out of pocket. McCormick Insurance Inc. knows full well just how much this can land people in a very desperate situation, and we definitely don’t want this to happen to you.

Home Insurance Saves

Home insurance isn’t just want you when a branch takes out your upstairs window. It’s who you call when a criminal breaks in after you’ve been gone for a week on vacation. It’s who you call if you have a guest over who falls on a misplaced object in the middle of the floor, and wants you to cover all of their medical bills. These things don’t happen everyday of course, but they happen enough that it just takes one incident to severely change your tune about how you should have gone about selecting insurance. The residents of St. Clovis deserve someone to talk to about all of this, so give us a call today for more information. 

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Update Your Home Inventory Including Your New Holiday Gifts

Was this the year where you gave your wife a new diamond necklace? Or perhaps she placed a beautiful antique humidor under the tree for you. Wonderful! You and your family are enjoying the fruits of your success. However, there’s one more thing you need to do. Check your St Clovis, NM home insurance from General Insurance Agency and update your inventory.

Ensure Prized Possessions are Properly Valued

An itemized inventory included with your home insurance policy ensures that if you suffer a catastrophic loss due to fire or theft, your family won’t give up some of the luxuries you worked hard to provide for them. Jewelry, rare collectibles and even high-end electronics and computers may require more detail in order to ensure they are properly valued at the time of loss.

Do You Need Full Replacement Cost?

Check with your agent for details. Many standard home insurance policies will only cover your items for their value at the time of loss. However, rare and valuable items will not lose value over time, but may increase. Full replacement on these items would be needed in order to properly replace them.

Protect Your Family’s Lifestyle

Without a proper inventory and full replacement, if your family lost your home and possessions in a devastating fire you may not be able to enjoy the same lifestyle without costing even more money in the end.  There’s no need to sacrifice all the things that made your home comfortable and enjoyable when you ensure you have the right home insurance policy in place.

Put the final bow on your holiday gifts this year and make an appointment with the agents over at General Insurance Agency in the St Clovis, NM area to protect your home and family.

How Home Insurance Treats Vandalism and Theft in Clovis

Of course the first thing a new homeowner wants to do is set up their TV and coffee maker and starting to get to know all the little quirks about their new surroundings. Thinking about theft is not one of those fun activities that come with buying a piece of property, but that doesn’t make it any less important. Here’s what to consider before you even dial the first few numbers if you live in St Clovis, NM. 

Theft May Not Be Covered

Many people think that theft and vandalism is covered under their homeowner policy, but it depends. You need to be prepared should you choose a cheaper policy that may only cover major natural disasters. You’ve likely amassed more value you think in your home, so it deserves some thought. Choosing a company with staff that has been trained in just about every possible event that can occur is pivotal to being able to keep your cool during terrible situations. Frustration, shock and sadness are just a few feelings you’ll feel after a criminal targets your property, and you don’t need any other misfortunes clouding your judgment after that. 

Choosing the Right Company

General Insurance Agency can help you figure out where the true value is in your home insurance. This is about keeping the things that you’ve worked so hard for safe, and our agency never loses sight of that fact. Before you solely consider price of the policy, consider the costs of out-of-pocket expenses when your computer or television is stolen, or your windows or broken. For the many terrible events that have the possibility of happening in St Clovis, NM, you need someone who can actually take action in time-sensitive situations. No matter how safe you feel, you don’t want to be caught in a situation you can’t afford. For more information or to talk to one of our friendly staff members, give General Insurance Agency a call today.